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Omtool, Ltd.
For more than 20 years, Omtool has helped some of the world’s largest
corporations and leading law firms cost-effectively manage their document-
intensive processes. Our solutions help legal teams capture, process, deliver,
and archive their critical business documents.
We are dedicated to delivering flexible, distributed document capture,
out-of-the box, with a highly scalable infrastructure, configuration flexibility,
and the ease of use necessary for firms of all sizes to implement simple or
complex solutions involving hundreds or thousands of documents per month.
Our award-winning AccuRoute
platform incorporates both our extensive
experience in high-volume document processing for both document capture
and fax to address “all the paper.”
Complete document process automation within a matter-centric environment
requires the integration and capture of images with line-of-business (LOB)
applications, records management and document management systems.
In order to support these requirements, Omtool has developed an entire suite
of complete end-to-end legal solutions to meet each firm’s unique document
workflow needs.
Today, AccuRoute provides the infrastructure for automating document
processes in well over 300 law firms worldwide, including more than half of
the top 100 law firms in the U.S. Our solutions are now the standard for firms
of all sizes looking for enterprise-wide automation of their paper-centric
processes. By partnering with Omtool, firms can access the information they
need anytime, anywhere, in any format and are able to reduce document
costs, improve productivity, accelerate workflows, and deliver consistently
higher-quality results to their clients.
Document / Image Capture, Records Management,
SharePoint Solutions
Contact: Brian Latchman
Phone: 020 3043 8580